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  • CATEGORY=Border and Upland Plants
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Crinums and Lilies Coral Crinum sp. PORP029
Crinums and Lilies Pink Crinum sp. PORP030
Crinums and Lilies Red Leaf Crinum sp. PORP032
Crinums and Lilies White Crinum sp. PORP033
Crinums and Lilies Tradescantia chiensis Spiderwort plant PORP119
Ferns and Mosses Southern Shield Fern Dryoperis ludoviciana PORP048
Ferns and Mosses Carpet Moss Platygyrrium repens PORP110
Ginger Cardamon Ginger Amonum Cardamomum PORP013
Ginger Red Stripe Ginger Curcuma latifolia PORP037
Ginger Butterfly Ginger Hedychium coronarium PORP056
Ginger Peacock Ginger Kaempferia atrovirens PORP076
Ginger Pinecone Ginger Zingiber zerumbet PORP145
Grasses Reeds and Rushes Lemon Grass Cymbopogon citrates PORP038
Grasses Reeds and Rushes Oriental Blue Grass Pennisetum orientale PORP102
Grasses Reeds and Rushes Gamma Grass Tripsacum datyloides PORP127
Ground Cover and Climbers Yarrow Achillea millefoliam PORP003
Ground Cover and Climbers Chocolate Mint Mentha piperata PORP083
Ground Cover and Climbers Wedilia Wedilia trilobata PORP136
Hibiscus Rose of Sharon SGl Purple Hibiscus syriacus PORP063
Hibiscus Single White Hibiscus Hibiscus syriacus PORP066
Hibiscus Red Hybrid Tropical Hibiscus PORP131
Hibiscus White Hybrid Tropical Hibiscus PORP133
Iris Yellow African Iris Dietes bicolor PORP044
Iris White African Iris Dietes iridioides PORP045
Perennials Aloe Aloe vera PORP012

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